Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UGR: Student-Supervisor Evening Discussion

25th August 2010. A Student-Supervisor Discussion for Undergraduate Research (UGR) Programme was held in the department’s Seminar Room, C10. This session was aimed exclusively for all first year students who are interested to join the UGR program, basically for them to have a face-to-face discussion with the participated lecturers. Really good outcome was obtained whereby out of 20 students who attend, we have 13 students who have confirmed to participate in this programme. Others will submit their application forms later after they have confirmed with their proposed supervisors. All in all, the event was a very beneficial and successful session and all students who came are really eager to involve with the research offered.

Here are some pictures during the session.

Others who have missed the evening but really want to participate in this programme, please contact Dr. Hasmerya Maarof (hasmerya [at] for further information. Come! The is still room for you!

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