Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is white and smells so good?

Another tricky one! There are million things that may be white and smells good isn't it? White cempaka, white kemuning, white roses and white kemboja and the list goes on..But you have to believe me, this one really smells good. This plant was given to me by a good friend and will always be looking forward for it to bloom. The white flower looks so elegant on its sturdy proud green flower base. You can see the other buds ready to open up and share with us its lovely fragrance. I love to collect plants from friends and relatives and I will cherish it as a token of friendship. Some survived a long time, while others wilt away. Is that what friendship is all about? I wonder....
Friends add colours to our lives, some gives good influence while others torture you endlessly. White orchid may be white and has no smell and yet people like it. Some white flower is not even pretty and yet we love it for its good smell. For whatever reason we choose them, they are all white. It is how we want to perceive it. The same thing goes with people. Get what I mean? ha.ha...or have I confused you? What I am trying to say is that try to see people from their good side because we too would like to be perceived in the same way. Easier said than done?..well may be..but its worth trying.
This plant is known as HEDYCHIUM CORONARIUM or better known as Butterfly Ginger taking after the shape of the flower that resembles butterflies. Hedychium coronarium is a ginger family and the most fragrant of all. It is popular in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands and makes a good cut flower for scenting the home. I usually put some in a bowl of water and place it on my dining table. It is a tough plant, grows well in containers, but will quickly grow out of the container and will need to be divided every now and then. After the flowers have faded, cut the old stems as this will encourage new growth.
See you next time with more garden ideas from the Staff of Bilik Aktiviti Kimia.....inshaAllah.


  1. well-observed lessons!

    "Friends add colours to our lives, some gives good influence while others torture you endlessly"

    should we regard the latter as friend? :)

  2. To my definition, both are friends. You may not know when you might need both of their help. Anyway, back to your question, both are human, if treated well, do not be surprise, the latter can become the former or vice versa. That is the power of the mind and heart....being idealistic?

  3. I agree with Oha.
    We human have our weaknessess and strength...
    Exploit on the strength and not the weaknessess

    Enjoy life....life is too short to moan about...

    Dulu masa muda-muda...satu hari rasa bagaikan begitu pjg..bila nak abis satu hari

    Skg....satu hari bagai pantas berlalu....

    satu nikmat yang Allah berikan telah ditarik oleh Allah....menuju alam baqa

    Enjoy the day...

  4. we may perceive everybody as our friends,
    but to certain of the so-called friends..we may not be tagged as their friends..perhaps easiy seen from their actions towards us..which is sad if its true.

    what should we do? stay positive and always 'berlapang dada'. Agree on need to treated them well, hoping they can change somedays.

    the bottomline is "do not do to others what would anger you if done to you by others"

    anyway, depend much on the level of tolerance..
    thinks mine just mild one :)
    but blessed because still dont have to entertain that kind of friend.

  5. Getting more complicated, a chemist turning into a psychologist!

    I have heard once from a motivation talk on the radio which mentioned that it is best to just keep away and move forward.

    Tapi bilik aktiviti sekarang dah ada blood pressure machine. Maklumlah ramai yang dah over 40 jadi kena sentiasa check blood pressure, blame on the CRR....jangan marah KJK.

  6. let the psychologist decide, we move forward :)
    btw, where's others eh?
    no updated info by our guys overseas..
    me just fill the blank till they do write somethin or put some pics..when aaa guys?? hehe

  7. Aah lah adik2 yang kat Oxford tu, kami masih menunggu gambar dari Oxford yang comel tu, bila lagi Min dan Zul?. Post gambar pun dah ok,tak payah cakap apa2.