Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Baby Blog

Yesterday, the ‘Bilik Aktiviti Kimia’ Blog was officially launched. It was also a birthday and wedding anniversary celebration shared by many members of the Department. The Dean of the Faculty, Prof Dr Madzlan did the honours of cutting the cake (a creamy, yummy, three-tiered cake sponsored by Dr Zaiton and me), while Dr Wan Aini (our Head of Department) wished everyone, a long and prosperous life and marriage. I’d like to think of our blog as a ‘baby who has just been born’ yesterday.
We simply have to thank a few people behind the success and emergence of the Blog. Dr Zainoha is the ‘mother’ (initiator) of the blog….Her love for gardening and collecting recipes spurred the idea of putting everything into a blog to be shared. Dr Hasmerya (having a wonderful time in Kyoto) developed the blog. A few contributors, Dr Che Rozid particularly, have been nursing this ‘baby blog’. Let’s hope that our ‘baby blog’ will grow to be the ‘child’ we love. Let it be something that will give us hope, inspire us and keep us together…Amin...Lastly, Bibik would like to thank Pn Noor Khaida, Pn Rugayah, Pn Norsiah, Dr Zaiton and many others who co-sponsored the ‘makan’ (the best part of the launching).


  1. The food, cake and desert were simply yummy!! Wah, I wonder how the 'baby blog' will look like when she becomes old..he.he..

  2. the baby dah berumur sebulan 6 hari. belum lepas pantang 40 lagi ;)

  3. Tahniah buat sume yang menjayakannya=)
    ~Mikhail Mujahid~