Monday, April 5, 2010

Bilik Aktiviti kimia 1981

The 1st time I entered the Bilik Aktiviti Kimia was in June 1981. It was known as 'Kelab Teh' then. It was a place where new staff members were 'introduced' and 'ragged' for the first time. Members included Pak Husny, Pak Audah, Pak Noorman, En Siew, En Low, En Pretham...(Wah! Very 1 Malaysia), the late Dr Azhari, the late Dr Mustaffa Nawawi, Dr Bakar Baba, even En Yusof Tasman the Head Lab Assistant, to name a few. There were very few ladies, only the 'brave ones' dared join the club. The fee was Rm 10 and we had 'kuih' once a week. Well, guess who was that 'sweet young thing' who loved to hang out at the 'Kelab Teh'?


  1. i know... i know...hwehe

  2. Yes, I remember the RM10 fee tapi segan nak masuk borak2, maklumlah baru aje join UTM.

  3. tukang buat teh nik....igt lagi kat dia?
    weols yg kat lab satu tumpang menyibuk, mai tak malu..