Monday, April 26, 2010

Advanced NMR Workshop

An Advance NMR Workshop was held 19-21 April 2010. The workshop, conducted by Peter Sprenger, Director of Bruker (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was attended by participants including lecturers, postgraduate students, science officers (from Jabatan Kimia, FS, IIS and SIRIM), assistant science officers (Chem Dept, FS) and laboratory staffs from other labs. The workshop was focused on training in advance 2D-NMR, especially HMBC, TOCSY, NOESY, ROESY and selective 1D TOCSY for natural products and inorganic samples, including analysis of other nuclei such as P, Si and N.An upcoming training session on solid NMR is scheduled for June 2010 at ISI. More good news for researchers and students in FS…Bruker has expressed its willingness to provide sponsored annual NMR training workshops in the future.


  1. Siapa sebelah Dr Norazah tu? Macam familiar?

  2. Encik Mohd. Fazlin Rezali, Metrologist from SIRIM, ex-UTM (BSc & MSc). Yang sebelah lagi tu sure kenal, kan?

  3. owh, org kimia pun boleh jadi Metrologist? Wah.. nak jadi gak aa.. boleh ramal cuaca.