Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Tianjin University (TU) was the first academic place to be visited during our Global Outreach Programme (GOP) to China. The knowledge sharing program was started by Prof Zhenhua Li who has delightly welcomed us as a first university from Malaysia to visit TU. Assoc. Prof Dr. Nor Aziah Buang gave a brief introduction about UTM and the latest research in UTM especially in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. Three speakers from UTM students presented their research during the academic talk session.

Dr Nor Aziah and Prof Zhenhua Li TU students
The overall research in TU is very wide and strong. The university has a strong team of professional and concurrent researchers. They have five key national laboratories, one national engineering research center, two national promotion centers for scientific and technological achievements, seven engineering research and development centers and open laboratories at ministerial level. There are over 80 laboratories, 110 research institutes, 15 experimental research and engineering development centers at the university.

The university industries are characterized by bringing forth new ideas to technology, initiating high-tech enterprises, and transforming scientific and technological achievements into industries. Tiancai Co. Ltd. is the representative of the university’s industries, which takes advantage of the university’s superiority in science and technology. The university’s industries include computer information, packed towers, industrial crystallization, and opto-electronic integration and have made good economic as well as social benefits. Hence, UTM should also periodically commercialize our product and invention periodically.

One for the album University campus

Report by Chemistry students, UTM. More to come.....

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