Friday, June 25, 2010

Publications of 2010 - Sugeng Triwahyono and M. Nazlan M. Muhid

Sugeng T., Aishah A.J., MalikM., “Generation of protonic acid sitesfrom pentane on the surface ofPt/SO42--ZrO2 and Zn/HZSM5 evidenced by IR studyof adsorbedpyridiine", Applied Catalysis A:General,372(2010)90-193. (ImpactFactor:3.564)

SugengT., Aishah A.J., S. NajihaT., N. Najwa R., H.Hattori, “Kinetics Study of Hydrogen AdsorptiononPt/MoO3", Applied Catalysis A:General,372(2010)103-107. (ImpactFactor:3.564)

Aishah A.Jalil, Sugeng Triwahyono,N. Aini M. Razali,N. Hanis H. Hairom, Ani Idris, M. Nazlan M. Muhid, AzlyanaIsmail,N. Aisyah M.Yahaya,N.Akma L. Ahmad, HazliniDzinun, "CompleteElectrochemical Dechlorination ofChlorobenzenesin the Presence of Various AreneMediators", Journal of HazardousMaterials 174 (2010) 581-585. (ImpactFactor:4.144)

Aishah A. Jalil, Sugeng Triwahyono, S. Hazirah Adam, N. Diana Rahim, M. Arif A. Aziz, N. Hanis H. Hairom, N. Aini M. Razali, Mahani A.Z. Abidin, M. Khairul A. Mohamadiah, “Adsorption of methyl orange from aqueous solution onto calcined Lapindo volcanic mud”, Journal of Hazardous Materials, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 24 May 2010 (ImpactFactor:4.144) ::NEW::

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  1. Tahniah to the researchers for the excellent impact factors.