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Prof. Dr. Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim and students

The Global Outreach Program to Ajou University of South Korea was organized by Undergraduates students of Industrial Chemistry Programme from 12 March 2011 to 19 March 2011. This programme was participated by 14 students from the Final Year Industrial Chemistry Program (3 SSC)  and accompanied by an advisor, Prof. Dr. Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim.

Introduction to UTM and programme

The GOP participants had attended several activities with the members of Department of Chemistry from the School of Natural Sciences, Ajou University, South Korea which included laboratory works, lectures on instrumentation, lectures on organic chemistry and quantum mechanics, undergraduate research program presentation, and seminar.  

Research Presentation from UTM Students

Academic Activities During Programme

A cultural understanding and exchange program had been carried out by performing traditional music and dances represented by both Ajou University and also UTM. The UTM participants had gained the knowledge of academic and also Korean culture from Ajou University and introduce Malaysian’s culture at the same time.
 Cultural Performance from both Universities

TESTIMONIALS BY 3 SSC students in the GOP Ajou University, Suwon, Korea

Azzakhirah bt Md. Rashid
GOP is an outstanding and excellent program for UTM students. It is mind and eye opener for students to see the world. Korea is also a great place to visit as it is full of colours and culture.

Lee Wei Cheat
This academic trip is really amazing and it is good for all the UTM students to take part. Through this programme, we can open up our eyes to see the world and others’ country and have some communication with them. Ajou University is a nice university and I love it!

Norziyana bt Ahmat Azemi
I am having a good time in Korea especially in Ajou University. The people there are nice. This GOP program gives me an opportunity to see the other side of the world which I may not see in Malaysia.

Tan Ke Xin
I am proud of our GOP group which had brought us a chance to explore part of the world and promote ourselves globally. The generosity and warm welcoming from the Koreans had impressed us and hopefully we will be able to become a better host in one day.

Wong Wen Yee
I feel so happy that I can join this GOP program because I can know Korea culture and difference between Ajou University and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. From this trip, we can know our weakness and what should we do to improve ourselves.

Ainatul Mardiah bt Mat Rapi
It is a great time to be in Korea. 3 words that describe Korean are kind, rich and fashions. The experience there is priceless. Thank you to all GOP Korea committee for this great pleasure especially to president and Korean students.

Eng Kae Yang
It’s amazing and a memorable trip for me. First of all, thanks to Prof. WAWI, Adward and my parents to give me a chance to join this program. Ajou University is a nice university which having a good learning environment. The lectures and students of Ajou are friendly and experienced.  I LOVE AJOU.

Chin Sin Yee
I’m proud to be a member of this GOP program. I was given a chance to exchange knowledge with students in Ajou University, South Korea, at the same time, I would able to explore to the culture of a Korean. I’m so appreciate the chance given by Faculty of Science for us to visit a special country, South Korea and also the contribution of Ajou University.

Atikah Aini bt Abdullah
My dream came true. I really enjoyed this GOP trip to Korea. The students in Ajou University are very friendly, kind and helpful. I wish to go there in future.

Lai Ay Ping
Here I want to express my greatest gratitude to UTM and Ajou University because giving me a chance to fly to South Korea. Throughout this trip I have gained a wider knowledge about the Korean cultural, technologies and even about their historical buildings. I was very satisfied with this fantastic trip.

Fatin Amalina bt Ahmad Shuhaimi
Korea is very best. Hope I can stay there. Friends there are very friendly and Korea is a nice place to visit. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Lastly, oppasaranghae! hehe

Lee Yoon Thai
The GOP in Ajou University, South Korea was interesting and memorable to me. People in Ajou are very friendly and I learnt a lot in this trip. For example, I learnt to speak a little bit of Korean language, know Korean culture and made many new Korean friends. I have got the chance to travel oversea and widen my experience and knowledge. Thank you!

Ng Mei Xiang
I am so glad that I am given a chance to join GOP to Korea and visit Ajou University. I do learn a lot from this visiting program.

Masuri Kama bt Kamaruddin Shah
I really enjoy myself during our trip in South Korea especially in Ajou University, Suwon. I have the opportunity to know the Korean culture such as their traditional food and dress. The most important thing is we can know how the campus life in Ajou University.

Signing of Letter of Intent LOI agreement


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  2. Wow.. It's awesome! Those pictures make me recall all those memories when I was at Ajou University. Miss that moment so much~

  3. It is excited to see all those pictures taken in Korea. Just want to say i like it^^

  4. It was an enjoyable and enriching experience for me too....