Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pergola Ideas for Chemistry Garden

From our earlier post on Chemistry garden, you notice that a pergola is being erected along the walkway to give some shades for students walking along it. So, I have decided to post a few examples of plants on pergolas before deciding on the kind of finished pergola (between C18 and C19) that we would like to see established between block C18 and C19.

Planting climbers with big leaves and big white flowers definitely gives impact. The problem is what white flower is suitable?
Do we want the pergola to end up looking like this and we walking beneath it? Do you think it will be too dark and scary? Obviuosly it will be good as natural shades.

Another shady example. I presume the plant has to be soft-stemed to be able to droop down nicely and stay flat on the pergola. Kesidang is out then as matured stems are very hard and easily goes out of shape.

This white-polycarbonate covered pergola is good if we want some shades either from the hot sun or rain, without the hassle of having too many leafy plants around. I quite like this idea.

Suitable if the pergola is small, low and short. A long pergola would probably look a bit messy. What do you think?

This look simple and nice. A website says that pergola need not necessarily be crowded with plants. It can be left alone. Small hanging plants will add colours of course. The roof top is left open.
We welcome ideas from all of our chemistry staff before deciding on it. However, a word of caution, what ever style we want it to be, it actually depends on what we want the pergola to serve as! Shades from sun? The rain? for sitting around for more space? Whatever it is, we need your input. The more the merrier....


  1. I agree with you, Kak Oha..
    I like the fourth one!
    Senang sikit nak jaga dan terhindar dari hujan. Boleh nak wat tempat duduk bawah pegola tuh.

  2. i think if it's too crowded, for sure it's a bit scary to go through at night. plus... maybe there'll be insects!

  3. Thank you for your opinion.

    From now on the Chemistry Garden will be called "Anjung Kimia" and we plan to officiate it on Tuesday, 25 Jan inshaAllah, by the Dean.

    I will suggest to the Department to organise "speakers corner" at Anjung Kimia. Interesting isnt it?