Friday, December 17, 2010

Computational Science Workshop 2010

Dec, 6th – 10th 2010: A Computational Science Workshop was successfully held in Ibnu Sina Institute of Fundamental Science Studies (IIS). This workshop was jointly organized by IIS, Faculty of Science of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and University College London, UK. A total of 27 participants of researchers and postgraduate students in UTM which ranges from chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology and engineering background attended this workshop.

The programme was focus on the theoretical aspects in computational science such as ‘Introduction to Molecular Modelling’, ‘Atomistic Modelling’, ‘Molecular Dynamics’, ‘Quantum Mechanical Methods’ and how this knowledge can be applied in different aspects of scientific study. The lectures were given by Dr. Ricardo Grau-Crespo and Prof. Gopinathan Sankar from UCL, and Dr. Riadh Sahnoun from Faculty of Science, UTM. In addition to the theoretical part, the participants were exposed to a hands-on session in the afternoon where they can try by themselves using computer in simulating the theory that they have learned. In the final day, many of the participants commented that this workshop opens a wider area of opportunity to be explored and applied to their own research studies. We, as the organizer hopes that this event will be a first step in creating an opportunity of having a central scientific computing centre in UTM which will comprises of different backgrounds and also be an opportunity in collaborating research with UCL, London.

Before the workshop ends, speakers were given a token of acknowledgement from IIS and Faculty of Science to show our appreciation for having them here in UTM. We hope that this event will be an annual event for IIS in the area of computational science.

Reported by:
Dr. Hasmerya Maarof
Computational Science Workshop 2010.